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Thanks to a proprietary software system, Mulhern Advertising has the ability to generate public relations targeting specific publications, including freelance reporters, columnists and editors as well as additional media including on-line and broadcast. In the past, public relations has been extremely difficult to document. No longer. Mulhern Advertising now offers you the following:
  • Automated expansion of your public relations effort from local to regional and national
  • Targeted communication by story, event or issue
  • Google and Yahoo news placement, with your keyword emphasis and optimized for search engines
  • Documentation of communication with various outlets and media contacts
  • News clippings from those outlets
  • Opportunity to develop a relationship as an "expert" and media source for related story information, quotes, etc.
  • Systematic and consistent dissemination of important and relevant information
NOTE: Consistency compounds results. Over time consistent public relations produces significant, measurable results for your business.

Given the increasing number of media outlets, the rapidly growing volume of views and information and the need for real-time communication, you can't afford to ignore this true PR solution.

Choose to differentiate your business from your competition. Deliver consistent, well-executed communications on an ongoing basis. Choose to place Mulhern Advertising on your team today.

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