ADDRESS PO Box 10246
Albuquerque, NM 87184
Phone: (505) 897-8100
Fax: (505) 897-8102

PERSONAL BORN: 1985 in Albuquerque.
HEIGHT: Over $2 million billings in 2006 from over 30 active accounts.
WEIGHT: Connections to 14 different specialists to work on your account.
MARRIED: To our clients - for long term relationships.
HEALTH: Excellent. Grew at a rate of 35% in 2003, 20% in 2004, and 20% in 2006!

ASSOCIATIONS New Mexico Advertising Federation, CASH Club, EGC Club, PRSA,
Women in Business, WICI, Chamber of Commerce, NMHJA, RGHA

PHILOSOPHIES "Effective advertising involves spending the minimum amount of money in the most effective media to reach the maximum amount of potential customers."

"Our production works because it's creative and cost effective."

"Right ideas are much more important that big ideas."

"Advertising can have only one primary goal: it must make the cash register ring."

"We don't work for the media; we work for you."

CAREER To continue to seek clients of quality products and services who are committed to growth.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES • Email marketing, list management
   and compiling
• Weekly email campaigns designed
   for maximum effectiveness
   & managed
• Newsetters produced and
   managed for use in Email or
   regular mail
• Collateral material to tie your
   email campaigns, website and in
   store signs together
• Complete website design,
   experience in all categories:
      – shopping cart stores
      – informational brochure sites
      – personal websites
• Website promotion and
   marketing campaigns
• Corporate Identity
• Marketing Plans
• Sales-oriented Graphic Design
• Ads for Print Media Display
• Media Negotiation
• Public Relations
• Retail Advertising
• Catalogs

• Customer Relations
• Rate Negotiation
• Budget Planning
• Response Analysis
• Outdoor Advertising
• News Releases
• Organizing Co-op Advertising
• Product Test Marketing
• Logos, Illustration
• Brochures
• Direct Mail
• Campaign Planning
• Packaging & P.O.S.
• Media Strategic Planning
• Newsletters
• Business-to-Business Literature
• Fund Raising
• TV & Radio Creative & Production
• Creative
• Product Advertising
• Pre & Post Buy Media Analysis
• Market Research
• Promotions & Tie-ins
• Visual Presentations
• Photography
REFERENCES Available on request.

INTERVIEW For an appointment to discuss how your business can grow with Mulhern & Company, call (505) 897-8100

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